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McCammon's Irish Market sells high-quality plants in Greenwood, IN and surrounding areas. Choose flowering plants or vegetable plants, or both. They’re some of the highest-quality plants and vegetables that you’ll find in this area.

Take a more-detailed look at perennials, annuals, ground covers, herbs, tropical plants, flats, and hanging baskets. They’re all here!


A perennial is a type of plant that lives for two years or more. You plant them one day knowing they’ll be there for you every year. Because they’re not pulled after one season, perennials will generally establish a good root system. They may even spread so you’ll have more of that type of plant or have a fuller flower bed with every passing year.


As you might guess, annual plants and flowers live for just one year. This group also includes vegetable plants. In fact an annual goes through its entire life cycle from seed to flower in just one growing season. All parts of the plant – stems, leaves, roots – die at the end of the growing season.


Okay, we’re going to sound kind of smart-alecky here, but a groundcover is any plant that does a great job of covering the bare earth. Groundcovers excel at preventing topsoil from washing away and prevent weeds and other unwanted vegetation from taking root. Some groundcovers hug the ground, while others grow upward. Most do a terrific job of reproducing and filling in a given space over time. However, mulch may be required during the “early years” to prevent weeds while the groundcover thickens.


All you chefs and cooks out there: Get ready to plant some herbs. (BTW, the “H” is silent, but you already knew that.) Herbs are defined as any plants used for food and flavoring. Other types of herbs are used in fragrances and medicines.

Tropical Plants

As the name suggests, tropical plants prefer a warm climate. But they can also be grown indoors in ideal conditions. In their native habitat, the happiest tropical plants are found enjoying filtered sun beneath palm or similar trees.


Flats or Trays

If you want a large quantity of any particular flower or vegetable, pick up a flat. Or two. A flat is a low, wide container that can hold quite a few seedlings and/or young plants. You can buy a flat (tray) and grow your own plants with seeds from McCammon’s Irish Market.

Simply fill the flat all the way to the top (some settling will occur) with a soil-less seed starting mix. Then plants your seeds. Keep the soil moist and warm until the seeds sprout. Then give them plenty of light. However, a much easier (and more efficient) method is to purchase a flat or tray of young plants from McCammon’s Irish Market.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can really add color and charm to a porch, balcony, patio, deck, or anywhere else. They also make great gifts for any occasion. (Hey, who doesn’t love receiving a colorful hanging basket?) It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving -- month after month after month.

Looking to purchase a hanging basket? Visit McCammon's Irish Market in Greenwood. Our hanging baskets are always stunning, always fresh and healthy, and will bring many months of color and pleasure to any environment.