McCammon’s Irish Market now has locations in Greenwood and Brownsburg


Once You Come To Us, You Stay With Us!

At McCammon's Irish Market, we know how to grow plants, trees, and shrubs! We’re also pretty good at growing a loyal customer base. Once you come to us, you stay with us. So, what exactly keeps customers coming back to McCammon's Irish Market garden center?

  • On-staff horticulturists with a combined 100+ years experience
  • Highest-quality plants and garden supplies
  • Plants, trees, shrubs, soil, mulch, fertilizer, supplies
  • Complete landscaping services
  • Yard cleanup, mulch, debris haul away
  • 1-year limited guarantee on trees


Quality Plants and Garden Supplies

The big-box stores, with their temporary garden departments and temporary summer employees, crank out okay plants. But if you want the good stuff, you need to visit a solid, experienced garden center like McCammon's Irish Market Garden Center. We don’t do lumber. But we do a great job of providing top-shelf plants, trees, shrubs, supplies, services, and advice – guaranteed!


Two Ways to Get Started at McCammon's

1. Are you a do-it-yourself gardener?
Welcome! Stop in and we’ll set you up with whatever you need: plants, shrubs, trees, soil, fertilizer, mulch, tools, and other supplies. Nothing but quality stuff. And, we’ll still be there to answer any gardening questions or solve your gardening dilemmas. There’s a lot to know about gardening. And we know a lot.

2. Rather bring in the gardening professionals?
Share your wants and needs with us. Let us toss out some ideas and provide a FREE estimate. Make your choices, then turn us loose. Let the pros from McCammon's Irish Market create your dream garden, planting area, landscape, patio, deck, water garden, retaining wall, poolside area, or whatever you desire. Residential or commercial landscaping work is available.

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